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Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Simple and quick to make, this salty, savory “cheese” is the perfect condiment for sprinkling over pasta, grain bowls, soup, or other dishes that could use an extra dusting of flavor.

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Vegan Hoppin’ John

Hoppin’ John is a dish traditionally served on New Year’s Day to bring good luck in the year ahead.  This spicy version is a blend of several different recipes we have tried and adapted over the years.  It’s big on … Continue reading

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Farro & Chickpea Salad

Fast, easy, delicious, and nutritious, this salad makes a great lunch, dinner, or picnic dish.  This recipe make a large batch — enough for 6-8 servings — and it keeps in the refrigerator for several days.  It’s a great dish … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Pakoras

Another delightful recipe for pakoras.  This one was adapted from the Sweet Potato Pakoda/Fritters recipe on the fabulous Blend with Spices food blog. Here we increase the quantity of vegetables and bake the pakoras instead of deep frying them.  The … Continue reading

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Vegan Gougères

  These amazing cheese puffs are irresistible.  Serve them with cocktails, as is often suggested, and you may forget all about dinner.  This is a vegan adaptation of David Lebovitz’s gougères recipe.  

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Chana Masala / Spiced Chickpeas with Rice

This delicious take on Chana Masala was adapted from a February 1999 recipe for Spicy Chickpeas in the oldie but goodie magazine Food & Wine.  This savory dish comes together quickly.  We’ve made it countless times over the years and … Continue reading

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Black Bean Burritos

These burritos are delicious, nutritious, and quick to make.  A perfect weeknight dinner.  The recipe makes a large batch, so it is possible to cook once and eat twice.  Or, you can serve these to a crowd.   

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Spiced Socca

Mark Bittman’s traditional socca recipe is thoroughly delicious as is and needs no embellishment.  However, adding a few Indian-inspired spices to the batter enhances the savory tones and unleashes deep flavor.  This spiced socca is delightful on its own as … Continue reading

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Greek Bean Soup

This spicy and delicious soup was adapted from the Classic Greek Bean Soup recipe from the marvelous cookbook, The Greek Vegetarian, by Diane Kochilas. December 2021 – Updating the recipe to reduce the beans and increase the veggies and spices.  … Continue reading

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Cold Sesame Noodles

This recipe, a remarkable approximation of take-out sesame noodles, was closely adapted from a recipe in the New York Times. 

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